April 2020

Digital Transformation

How Digital Transformation

is Driving Customer Experience...

In today’s world technologies are significantly reshaping industry after industry and there has been a complete change in a Mindshift on how you operate and deliver value to your customers. Many Institutions are continually challenging the status quo in their quest for digital transformation in processes, functions, and competencies across all levels.

Digital transformation over the past years has centred around the promise of technology driving productivity, but the future will be about how the technology can transform our profession, lives, experiences, and surroundings.

One thing we believe in digital transformation, that there is always going to be a new trend, new technology, seeking to improve within the enterprise and parties interacting to it. Hence, we firmly believe that digital transformation is now limitless.

Enterprises are adopting diverse Web Technologies, Cloud Based Services, Mobile Technologies, Big Data, IoT, Design Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, Augmented reality as part of their digital journey.

Today, because of (IoT) we are thinking about smart cities with data to improve people safety, traffic congestion and green initiatives. IoT data combined with predictive analytics can help analyse complex scenarios and can provide better insights. Institutions with help of AI and ML tends to automate and optimize key tasks within an end-to-end process. Businesses have combined design thinking, agile methodologies, and technology to deliver experiences.

Customer experience being one of the core aspects for digital transformation initiative, Institutions are focusing to create, improve on consumer’s connected experience. There is a constant seek of data for CRM activities so that it can be worked upon, analysed to improve customer experiences.

We @mPHATEK have been in this journey of digital transformation and experienced it closely alongside with our customers and assisted them in their quest for digital transformation. Our digital solutions with the blend of cutting-edge technologies aligned with their vision has paved the way for successful digital transformation.

Data Fusion Analysis
Data Fusion Analytics solution has helped our customer to build insights from digital medias based on geographic location or keyword. This data is analysed to track new trend (#tag), survey, what people are thinking. A platform for instant feedback and connect with the people.
mPHATEK have provided such digital solutions and many others like Dosto A secured messaging to our customers using which they can exchange information within their community, customers, and colleagues without worrying about the data privacy breach
To optimize and automate the key tasks our customers are utilizing OCR solution that has greatly reduce their manual keying of data from multiple paper-based sources. The solution having sophisticated algorithms and Natural Language Processing with advanced Machine Learning has given our customer a superior turnaround time from days to hours for data extraction from multiple paper-based resources.
Customers with our Canary solution is now more equipped for seamless speech to text conversion. Its ML based strong analytics provides our customers actionable intelligence to understand their consumers better.
mPHATEK is also a Salesforce partner and have helped our customer’s in implementing CRM strategy to increase their connect with their customers.
mPHATEK remains committed to digital transformation and in creating better “Experience”