About Contact Upload

Contact upload is an optional feature that allows us to check which of your contacts in your device's address book are also Dosto users. It also means we can update your Dosto contact list when your contacts who aren't using Dosto yet sign up later. We care about your privacy and we don't share your contact list with any third-party Companies for their own use, even when they provide us with services.

When you use contact upload and grant Dosto access to your device address book, Dosto will access and upload the phone numbers in your address book typically daily, but this depends on various factors including how often a user uses Dosto, including those of Dosto users and your other contacts.

We don’t collect any of the other information that could appear in your device address book including names, email addresses, etc.

If any of your contacts aren’t yet using Dosto, we protect their privacy by managing the phone number in a way that is designed to prevent those contacts from being identified by Dosto.

We do this by creating a cryptographic hash value of their phone number, and then delete the number. Each cryptographic hash value is stored on Dosto’s servers, linked to the Dosto users who uploaded the corresponding phone numbers before they were hashed so that we can more efficiently connect you with these contacts when they join Dosto.

You can control the contact upload feature from your device-based settings. If you choose not to use Contact Upload you can still communicate with people who have Dosto but certain functionality will be limited.